BSAC Medical Form

British Sub-Aqua Club or also known as BSAC is the top dive club in the United Kingdom which also offers the divers training and development recognized internationally through a network of clubs and centers not only across the country, but also overseas. Fill in the BSAC medical form if you’d like to join this club to meet people who also share the similar passion for scuba diving like you. Joining the BSAC via a club is the most popular way, where you will benefit from all the advantages of diving and learning in a great club atmosphere, not to mention the social activities, ongoing support, and training for added benefits.

Aside from joining a BSAC Club, you can also join the community through the BSAC Direct which entitles you to all the membership benefits the BSAC offers without requiring you to join the local club. Plus, you can also proceed your diver training by accessing the BSAC’s wide range of Skill Development Courses or a BSAC Centre. You can also join the BSAC Club only at the right time for you with BSAC Direct.

In general, all you need to do to join a BSAC Club can be summarized in these steps:

  1. Find the nearest BSAC Club from you using the “BSAC’s Find it” tool you can access through its official website (, or
  2. Get yourself in touch directly with the club and plan for a visit.

In general, the BSAC Club will always welcome every diver from all agencies as well as all levels of experience. Meet the diving medical requirements, as you will have to declare in your BSAC medical form, to join the club and automatically become a member of BSAC so you can finally enjoy all the advantages you’re entitled to with your membership.

Medical Matters

According to the UKDMC or UK Diving Medical Committee, the BSAC and all its members are advised on the diving medicine issues, which also cover an examination of fitness to dive, which may also be summarized in fit to dive medical certificate. There is a medical self-declaration form to complete as one of the requirements for BSAC membership on joining, which has to be filled annually upon re-joining. This process may be especially essential when there’s any medical condition arisen between those times.

You can refer to the latest information accessible through the UKDMC website, in addition to all forms relevant and available for download in order to complete all the requirements necessary for the BSAC membership application. They include:

  • Diver medical self declaration
  • Medical self declaration system explanation
  • Fitness to dive examination form
  • Medical referee form
  • Frequently asked questions
  • List of medical referees
  • Medical conditions
  • Appeals process

Aside from the mandatory self declaration process, some members may still want to go through a medical examination to complete the BSAC medical form. Even so, only the UKDMC referee who can endorse the certificate, titled UKDMC fitness to dive certificate. For a medical examination, you can perform one with your own GP or a medical assessment from a UKDMC referee where the certificate thus can be issued later.