CAA Medical Form

CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) requires all of the pilots to certify the fitness before they are permitted to fly. And there is a CAA Medical Form in which there are some CAA medical standards for the pilots. It’s a declaration which is made by that pilot in order to confirm they meet several published requirements. Then if you consider having career as a pilot, the thing that you need to think about is obtaining the Class 1 medical form. But before you sign the agreement with the Approved Training Organization and pay some money, you have to see if you are fit for flying.

How to Get the Medical Form to Fly?

It is neither to take the pilot medical certificate nor form first, instead what you need to get is the initial medical examination. The initial medical examination Class A which is under EASA should be carried out by an AeMC (Aeromedical Center) then you could find the entire current AeM centres which are listed on the website of Civil Aviation Authority. It usually lasts for 4 hours for the medical examination. What is checked there? It is your general physical checks, eyesight, medical history, hearing, lung function, heart rhythm, urine tests, and blood.

As said before, it usually takes 4 hours. And the medical certificate of the CAA Medical Form is issued on the same day as well if the standards of the requirements are met. If not, the process will take longer since there is a further investigation which is necessary before taking a decision.

What Will Be Tested in CAA Medical Condition?

When you want to have a CAA Medical Form, you need to pass an examination. And in the examination, there are some questions such as the previous illness you had and the medical history. If there is a major illness in the past, it’s very necessary to bring the reports about that matter from your doctor or your family or even the treating specialist. But broken arm and appendicitis aren’t included as major illness. The further details of the regulation requirement could be found easily on the page of CAA Medical Examination.

There will also be general physical examination, in which they check your heart, lungs, stomach, blood pressure, nervous system, limbs, etc. They hope they are correctly functioning. You can expect the test to determine the hearing capabilities as well. Not only that, to get a CAA Medical Form, there is an Electrocardiogram or ECG as well in order to measure electrical impulses which passes through the heart. The Lung Function test is also conducted and Hemoglobin blood test along with urine test is there, too.  In the urine test, you are going to be asked to provide sample of your urine. So, it is important that you need to attend the examination with full bladder.

Those are some steps which are important to get the initial CAA Medical Form Class 1. Once you’ve obtained the valid EASA Medical Class 1, you’ll need to revalidate it annually until you’re 60. When you’re 60, revalidate it once every six months. Or, if you’re 40 and you fly Single Pilot commercial air, revalidate it every 6 months.