CDL Medical Form

Are you looking for CDL Medical Form? If yes, have you known the medical form or certification of Commercial Driver License’s requirements? All of the commercial drivers must comply with this medical form or certification and requirement. It actually requires all CDL holders for the self certify for single commercial operation status in order to obtain or maintain as well the CDL status they have. Before you come to know about the medical CDL form, it’s better for you to review the medical certification status of CDL in the driver eligibility.

Instruction of Medical Certification

The applicants are required for completing just one of following forms for the medical certification.

  1. Texas Commercial Driver Application. It is Interstate Driver Certification CDL-4.
  2. Texas Commercial Driver Application. It is the Interstate Driver Certification CDL-5.
  3. Certification if Physical Exemption 49 CFR part 391/390 and it is CDL-10

You need to know that each of the forms will allow the applicants to certify to 1 of the categories of the CDL categories. And the category which applicants certify to, will determine if medical variance or the US DOT (Department of Transportation) medical examiners will be required. There are some categories you need to know which have different Medical form requirements

  1. Category 1: CDL 4: non excepted interstate commerce

In this CDL Medical Form, most of the CDL holders that drive the CMV in the interstate commerce will be non excepted interstate commerce drivers. And this category will require the medical examiner certificate.

  1. Category 2: CDL 10: excepted interstate commerce

The second category is for the applicants who are going to operate the CMV for the excepted activities. They are going to be restricted for operating the CMV in excepted activities which the applicants certify to. This category won’t require the medical examiners certificate. But they are required to meet the Texas medical standard.

  1. Category 3: CDL-5 Part B: non excepted interested commerce

This is for the applicants who are only going to drive the CMV in the interstate commerce. They’re required to meet medical requirements for Texas, and there is a medical examiners certificate that will be certified.

  1. Category 4: CDL-5 Part A: excepted interstate commerce

This CDL Medical Form is for those who operate the CMV only in the interstate commerce. The driver itself has regularly been employed to operate the CMV in Texas before 28th of August 1989. It doesn’t operate the CMV which requires the hazardous materials placards. And this category won’t require the medical examiners certificate, but Texas standard.

  1. Category 4: CDL-5 Part C: excepted interstate commerce

This category is for those who operate the CMV only in the interstate commerce for the excepted activities in which they are certified. This doesn’t require the medical examiners certificate but Texas medical standard.

Overall, medical form is compulsory if you wish to have a driver license for commercial purpose. For further information, visit the nearest hospital or the authority nearby. Submit your files and be honest of your health condition so that your CDL Medical Form  will give real information about your health.