DMV Medical Form

The DMV medical form is an important document you have to complete in order to obtain your commercial driver license (CDL) or learner permit (CLP). In general, the DMV medical evaluation form will state any medical condition which may impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely, even if it may happen only temporarily. Either a Medical or Eye Report form has to be completed by the attending physician which report form can be used either as an Eye Report or a Medical Report. You can access and download the form from the official DMV website of your state.

Speaking of the medical conditions that need to be concerned about regarding your ability for a safe operation of a motor vehicle, temporarily even, they also include:

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease

The DMV medical evaluation doctors are required to complete a Medical Report, in addition to a report that you have completed both road skills and knowledge tests.

  1. Seizure Disorder or Loss of Consciousness

A Medical Report is required for this condition, along with these:

  1. You have to be free from seizure for 12 months prior to obtaining the DMV driver license at least; and
  2. Report any incident of loss of consciousness or seizure if you’re currently licensed. Do this within 30 calendar days. The DMV still suspends the driving privilege for 12 months starting from the date of your last episode, unless the physician confirms that it was due to the change in your medication.
  3. Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

Both Eye and DMV medical form Report are required for this condition.

  1. Vision Impairment

This condition also includes eye disease, monocular vision, cataracts, and glaucoma. The Eye Report is required here.

You may also need to note if you are habitual drug or alcoholic abuser; providing evidence that you have attended a state-certified program to assist you in recovering from such abuse. The evidence is always necessary especially when you reinstate a license that was revoked for any offense related to drug or alcohol, unless you’re allowed to prove that such program wasn’t necessary at the reinstatement hearing.

Note that you may also be required to submit the Medical Report when you are suspected to have any medical condition which has potentials to lead to any traffic accident or citation by the law enforcement officer.

Any detailed and written statement received by the DMV from a family member, physician, or law enforcement officer regarding the unsafe driving behavior of yours, you will be required to complete a Medical Report too. In addition to that, any driving tests may also be necessary in any of such situations depending on the situations.

The DMV medical form provides the medical information written by your physician to help the DMV determine if they can issue or driver license, or do so with restrictions. In addition to that, the DMV may also issue a driver license valid only for less time, depending on the information provided by the physician. Any follow-up for Eye or Medical Reports is also possible according to the recommendations made by your doctor.

Photo by OregonDOT