DOT Medical Form

Department of Transportation (DOT) requires the drivers to have DOT Medical Form. A physical examination needs to be conducted by medical examiner that has license and the examiners are the ones who have been listed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry. The term is included, but it isn’t limited for the doctor of osteopathy (DO), doctor of medicine (MD), advanced practice nurse (APN), physician assistants (PA) and also DC or Doctors of chiropractic.

DOT Medical Form will be valid for 1 year up to 24 months. And the medical examiners might issue also the medical examiner certificate for no more than 24 months. It can be issued when it’s desirable for monitoring the condition like high blood pressure. The recordkeeping for the medical form of DOT will be done as well. If medical examiners find the person or client that he or she examined is qualified physically to drive the commercial motor vehicle or CMV, then he or she is going to release 1 copy of the result to that person that was examined as well as he or she will complete the medical examiner certificate.

What Is in DOT Medical Examination Report from MSCA-5875

What do you know about the medical report form MSCA-5875? This DOT Medical Form is from The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration which will require that the interstate commercial motors vehicle drivers can maintain the current medical examiner’s certificate or MEC and medical report form MSCA-5875. As the part of the physical part, the drivers will be required to fill out some medical history portion of the MER (Medical Examination Report) form as well as medical report form MSCA-5875.

And now there is a new medical report form MSCA-5875. The form is required for all of the examinations after 20th of April, 2017. The DOT Physical form 2017 PDF version are available in some of the websites on the internet. Actually the physical condition of DOT Medical Form is not changed. The FMCSA guidelines and regulations of physical qualifications which are applied by the medical examiner for the drivers to get the medical card are not yet changed. But the forms itself have some changes. Several changes in the form include;

  1. The medical examiner is being required for submitting much more information in order to support the qualifying decisions. It is also especially for the condition where the medical condition exists. It means that the medical examiners will be more careful rather than the ones used to be, it regards to the existing medical condition.
  2. The current or new DOT Medical Form asks more information rather than the previous one.

For the drivers, there are several tips and tricks that you need know. The shortlisted tips are as follows:

  1. Choose the medical examiner in a wise way.
  2. Be ready and well prepared before getting to the DPT physical appointment you have.
  3. Find a god physical doctor that really understands a big picture of the commercial driving as well as the life style challenges that you might face.

That’s all brief information about DOT Medical Form you have to know. Need more information, you can find on the internet or ask something to your doctor.