Medical Billing Form Template

Some people download the medical bill sample on the internet in order to get a medical billing form template they need. And you can also do the same to request the medical payment for the medical service you have got. Make sure you identify adequately the service which is provided with any kinds of special terminology, information and codes which insurance the company that will need. Now, you might need a medical bill in the PDF or Microsoft word format, or maybe in the excel format. If yes, here are the steps.

How to Make Medical Billing Template from Microsoft Word

  1. Download the Microsoft Word in your laptop or your PC. If you already have one, skip this step and jump to the next step.
  2. Open Ms Word and start typing the invoice number in the top. Then, enter the practice’s contact information you have. And it includes as well the fax numbers and the telephone. After that, enter patient’s contact in the right.
  3. In the Microsoft Word medical billing form template, you need to write the physical information of the patient in the table’s top. And it includes as well the height, weight as well as the date examined.
  4. The last step is to enter each of the different service in the separate row in that table. And then, enter any kinds of medications that are prescribed as the result in the left. Then, fill in rate for the service, each of them. Fill in also the total for the each multiplying number of the time service which was provided already by the rate. Add total column together in order to get the total amount of the patient that needs to be paid. And then the last is to specify who will make the check payable in the bottom of the table.
  5. Save your work.

How to Make Medical Bill Format in Excel

  1. Open Ms. Excel in your PC.
  2. In this Medical Billing Form Template, you need to enter the practice name as well as the information of the practice’s contact. And then you need to include the invoice date as well as the invoice number in the right.
  3. Fill in the billing address of the patient here, after that write the name as well to the right. In small table below it, enter the doctor’s name that attended the patients. Also, the payment due date as well as the terms of the payment like the payment method.
  4. In main table, enter the each service date in the left, then the description of that service in the next column. It is along with total cost and co-pay that the patient owes. It is in the next 2 columns. Then, the next is showing how much the cost insurance company is going to reimburse. Include as well the adjustment in the right column of that and write a balance that the clients owe for the practice in the balance column. Add each of the figures in every column then enter its totals in the bottom.
  5. The last step is to enter the type of the payment in this kind of medical billing form template if it’s needed. Include credit card information in case the customer pays with credit card. And if necessary, add some notes in the bottom.
Medical Billing Form Template

Medical Billing Form Template