Medical for HGV Licence

The medical for HGV licence is highly important since the law requires the drivers to be in a reasonably good health condition to operate commercial vehicles legally on public roads. For this objective, all new HGV drivers have to undergo a medical exam along with an accompanying paperwork submitted to the DVLA by the physician or medical examiner that performs the medical examination. For renewal, submitting the new HGV medical form is not the only step required; a new medical exam is also a must.

In general, there are two parts in the HGV medical requirements. The first one is an interview where the applicant and doctor discuss any existing conditions that may possibly interfere with safe driving. During this process, discussing the medical history is also necessary. As an applicant, you have to be honest and upfront during the discussion.

Medical For HGV Licence

medical for hgv licence

Medical For HGV Licence Form

medical for hgv licence


Medical For HGV Driving Licencemedical for hgv licence

The second part is the actual physical examination. Usually, the whole physical exam will not take any longer than 30 minutes. During this process, the official DVLA form is filled out by the attending physician to be directly submitted to the authorities. The copy of the form can be downloaded from the website.

During the overall physical health examining, the physician conducting the exam will be looking at specific things. Broadly speaking, if you’re in reasonably good health, you shouldn’t worry since what will disqualify you from the professional driving is the evidence of some serious health conditions. In addition to that, you need to understand that if you start developing particular medical conditions after you are licensed, your license may be transferred from a standard format to a short-term one. The latter means you have to perform medical exams more frequently to keep your license.

The aspects a physician has to check in throughout the exam for medical for HGV licence include:

  1. Eyesight

Compared to the eyesight requirement for car drivers, HGV drivers is a bit stricter. With or without corrective lenses, you have to be able to see out of each eye adequately individually.

  1. Neurological Problems

These issues can have serious consequences, whether you are applying as a car or HGV driver. The exam will include the questions regarding things such as seizures, epilepsy, memory problems, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, blackouts, stroke, cataplexy and narcolepsy, or any chronic condition.

  1. Mental Health

Good mental health is also important for HGV drivers. All the matters regarding depression, dementia, or hospitalization for any psychiatric issues are to be discussed between applicants and doctors.

  1. Alcohol and Drugs

Operating an HGV with alcohol or drugs in the system is illegal hence a drug user or alcoholic is almost impossible to work as an HGV driver. This is when the doctor looking for any signs of chronic use of alcohol or misuse of drugs.

  1. Diabetes

If you require regular insulin to control your diabetes, there may be some concern arisen, although this won’t disqualify you automatically.

  1. Heart Conditions

This is important since even the least chronic heart condition can still lead to any serious problem later.

  1. Sleep Disorders

Serious accidents amongst HGC drivers may be even caused by the lack of sleep. Hence, the exam for medical for HGV licence will also attempt to look for any signs and symptoms of sleep disorders.