Medical Form Immigration

If a person is applying for a visa to the destination country for specific purposes such as application to become a permanent resident, study, and so forth, then the medical form immigration must be conducted with respect to each requirement or conditions set by each country including the appointed doctor to perform the test. In this case, after making an appointment, in addition to the documents required, some other preparations as well as tips must be considered by every applicant.

As people know, to complement the immigration medical form, the doctor will provide an assessment on various aspects to determine the applicant’s health condition. Some of the data required is centered on medical histories such as the use of drugs and alcohol, behavior, mental condition in more deeply assessment. The doctor will also review about medical, school, employment, military and police records. In addition, physical test also would be done to find out if there are possible symptoms of certain diseases, including eyes, ears, nose and throat, heart, lungs, abdomen, lymph nodes, extremities, skin, and external genitalia. For the mental assessment, mood, behavior, and intelligence will also be involved.

Medical Form Immigration

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Medical Form Immigration

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Immigration Medical Examination

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Chest x-ray and blood pressure tests will be carried out if necessary to determine the possibility of a disease that has been recorded occurs. What is needed to be done in preparation for this test includes to contact the doctor who is referred first including date and costs agreed to perform the test. In addition, some things about vaccination immunization records, a copy of medical histories, any chest x-ray taken, identity card, passport, and travel document also featured. Then, the applicant can come on the date and the time that has been scheduled by the physician.

To get the best result in the medical form immigration, some tips can be followed. The applicant can also consult to the doctor for advice what seem to be the most suitable tips done by the applicant. The first important thing is to be honest and reasonable as possible regarding to the possibility of high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and any surgery procedure. Just give an honest answer according to the knowledge to become the next tip. Besides, avoid the consumption of alcohol at least 72 hours before performing the test.

It is also advisable to perform a healthy diet by reducing salt intake, excessive fat, junk food or unhealthy food. Reduce also consumption of caffeine and black tea. Avoid doing activities that require a lot of energy both physically and mentally such as jogging, swimming, and weightlifting. Be sure to sleep well and be sure to come on time to the office at least 30 minutes before the immigration medical test begins. Then, avoid too the use of painkillers unless the applicant received permission from a doctor. Do not smoke or chew tobacco and remains relax and calm also well to do to give the best results.

Some moments before the test begins, the applicant can do simple things that can reduce the level of anxiety or stress that might appear. All the tips can be applied to make sure the applicant or patient’s body and mental are ready to be analyzed. In terms of a period of the Immigration Medical Examination what do they check, it can be valid for about 12 months.