Medical Release Form Templates

Do you have a Medical release form for adults or for child? What is it actually? Maybe you have seen some of Medical referral form templates on the internet but you don’t know what the function of it. Medical release form, which is also known as medical record release form, is a signed medical record form which is required by the law for the person to gain the access for other person’s medical records.

Types of Medical Release Form

There are two kinds of Medical release form templates. The first is the release form that authorizing the medical practitioners to have an access to see the medical record you have. It means, the first one is the medical release form which is for adult. And the second type is the release form that authorizes the care for a child or the other dependent relative in an event of illness of injury which occurs in the place that is away from the parent’s, guardians or care giver’s home. It can be said as the authorization for consent to medical treatment of minor child.

Medical release form templates ensure you have received the medical care and that the underage child you have is well treated if you are not available. But if you don’t have the medical release form, how to make it?

Steps of Making Medical Release Form

There are 5 steps to make the medical release form. You might have seen some Medical release form templates on the internet, but you have to know how to make it.

  1. Write document that gives permission to the doctor of the hospital in order to access the medical history you have as well as the medical records that are created by the other treatment facility or the other doctors. It is intended for the doctors since they will not be able to access your medical history without the written consent you have made.
  2. Type and print your date of birth, the Social Security number, and the maiden name in case you have.
  3. Write in one piece of paper that you authorize the release of the medical records as well as medical history that you have. You can take a look at some Medical release form templates in which there is a sentence: “I AUTHORIZE THE RELEASE OF MY MEDICAL HISTORY AND RECORDS”. And then, write the name of the facility or doctor that requests the medical history or record you have.
  4. Write the health release history that you have so it’s specific for a certain medical condition or to the specific period of time in case you want to release just the limited number of information. You could also choose to make the release for all health care information.
  5. In the Medical release form templates, the last step is ensuring the private information. It means that the private information you have will remain private. You can create one section on one paper that states if you have authorized the release of your history of the sexual transmitted disease and it includes HIV and AIDS.