PADI Medical Form

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is a worldwide organization focusing on diving training. Its certification of the diver training courses is highly respected. There are more than 24 million people have been certified as a diver by PADI after taking the courses. The courses that can be taken are varied based on each interest and purpose. Meanwhile, each of courses requires PADI medical form.

It is important to make sure that participant is ready to do diving both physically and mentally whether for the instructor and the diver. PADI requires all participants to fulfill their requirements. The very first step is to fill up the PADI medical form. It contains the agreement and statement that should be agreed and fulfilled by the participants taking the PADI courses. They are as follows.

  1. Divers Medical Questionnaire

It contains some questions related to the personal medical record that should be performed by the participant’s doctor. It has to be filled accurately. If there is an answer “yes” for the question, the participant should go to doctor and take the medical examination to make sure whether they are available or not for diving. However, if the participant answers “no” for all of the questions, they do not need further medical examination.

  1. Participant’s Identity

The participant has to fill up their identity accurately and correctly.

  1. Physician’s Agreement

It contains the physician’s impression about the participant’s fitness to do diving. The physician has the right to not allow the participant to do diving if the participant’s health is not capable for doing so.

  1. Guidelines for Recreational Scuba Diver’s Physical Examination

It contains the instructions to the physician and risk conditions. The participant should read it carefully and be aware of what risks that may occur during the diving before signing the medical form.

Filling up the medical form before taking the course is aimed to gain risk reduction during the diving for both the instructor and the diver. Diving should be well prepared and done with its procedures so that it will be safe. It will increase risk if the participant does not follow the procedures correctly. One most important thing is to fill up the PADI medical statement with no lies. The instructors of PADI will undoubtedly refuse participant’s request to take the course if they find that the data of the participant is not accurate. They would rather be out of work than to risk themselves and the participant to the danger. They also say that if there is an answer “yes” in the diver’s medical questionnaire, they will not receive the request to go diving until the participant has an agreement from their doctor.

PADI medical form is, once again, for the safety during the diving. As long as everyone follows the procedure, the instructions, and the requirements, everything is practically safe. The more awareness for completing the requirements, the less risky will everyone gets. Therefore it is required to be honest in filling up the information to avoid any harm during the diving.