Power of Attorney Medical Form

Power of attorney medical form or medical enduring attorney power is legal document in which the individual appoints other person, in this case is the medical agent, with power to make some important decisions about the medical treatment on that person’s behalf. There is some confusion whether it is Medical power of attorney or medical enduring power attorney. Basically it’s the same. Some institution use that term because they want to clarify that the using of ‘enduring’ term is to endure the power of the attorney or the medical treatment.

All about Enduring Power of Attorney Medical Form

The registered dentists and doctors or practitioners can’t treat a patient carelessly; they need a valid agreement or valid consent from that patient for undertaking the treatment. This condition will be different if the condition is in emergency or the treatment is a minor treatment. A patient that is 18 years old or older could consent to treatment if they know or understand some general nature as well as effect of that treatment. If the case is that there is a child under 18, there will be a medical power of attorney form for child. The patient who is 18 or older can also make some informed decisions. If that patient lacks the capacity to understand, then other person needs to make the decision on his or her behalf.

The law of different countries is different about Power of attorney medical form. Let’s take one example of the law from Victoria. It actually specifies the hierarchy of people who could consent to the medical treatment on someone’s behalf that isn’t able to consent that treatment themselves. The medical agent who is appointed under the medical enduring power of attorney is placed in the first of the hierarchy.

Moreover, only the medical agent who is appointed under the medical enduring power of attorney of the VCAT guardian with power who is appointed can make the decisions about the medical treatment. And they can also refuse the medical treatment on the patient’s behalf. It is important in some of simple medical power of attorney form, that the person that makes the medical enduring power of attorney appointments have to be 18 years old or older. They have capacity to make that kind of appointment.

Steps on Making Power of Attorney Medical Form

  1. Decide the person who wants to be the one on behalf
  2. Complete form and then sign it before witness
  3. Copy and then store
  4. Decide to end or to cancel


Once a person has been chosen for the Power of attorney medical form, it’s important that they understand fully the wishes of principal that appoints them. And this happens because the medical agent could only refuse the medical treatment on behalf of its principal if there are some reasonable grounds to believe the person will consider medical treatment which is unwarranted and the medical treatment will cause the unreasonable distress for them. That’s a little bit information about the medical form or power of attorney.