Scuba Diving Medical Form

Scuba diving is a sport that allows people to dive exploring the beauty of underwater using scuba (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) in which it enables them to be able to breathe in the water. They bring their own breathing gas which makes them feel freer doing the movements in the water. However, they should fulfill scuba diving medical form before doing the diving.

Scuba Diving Medical Form

Scuba Diving Medical Form

Scuba Diving Medical Form

Scuba Diving Medical Certificate

Scuba Diving Medical Form

SSI Scuba Medical Release Form

ssi scuba medical release form

download ssi scuba medical release form


Scuba Diving Medical Form

Scuba Diving Medical Examination

Scuba Diving Medical Examination

Scuba Diving Medical History Form

Scuba Diving Medical History Form

Scuba Diving Medical Requirements

It has been widely known that doing scuba diving is not as easy as swimming in a swimming pool. There are some requirements that should be accomplished to be allowed doing the diving. To be able to dive using the scuba, the first essential thing to do is to make sure that you are in a good health. In addition, you may be required to have done fitness tests.

  • Cardiac stress test

Cardiac stress test is a test to measure the ability of the heart. It helps knowing how well the heart is able to stimulate.

  • Spirometry test

Spirometry test is to test the lung function. It is aimed at assessing and measuring the inhaling and exhaling the air in which it can predict asthma.

However, there are conditions that disqualify your acceptance to gain your medical assessment. There are several things that disqualify your scuba diving medical form to do scuba diving. It might be temporal and permanent.

  • Temporal causes

These causes will temporarily not allow you to dive. It is usually because the illness that requires consuming drugs which is risky to the diving safety.

  • Permanent causes

What is medical conditions can stop from scuba diving?

These causes permanently do not allow you to do scuba diving. They are epilepsy, stroke, tumor, pneumothorax, and other cronic deseases.

Meanwhile, there are some other diseases not disqualifying the medical examination but might only need restrictions. They are as follows.

  • Asthma

Some types of asthma will not allow you to dive due to the high risk that may increase the disease. However, some other types can still allow you after doing some treatment.

  • Diabetes

Just like the asthmatics, some diabetics that are “fit” are still allowed to dive. Yet, some other diabetics with its particular complications will not be allowed to dive.

  • Pregnancy

Diving while you are pregnant is risky. It is better to dive after the pregnancy.

  • After childbirth

Diving after childbirth may risk the uterine infection. You would better wait for at least three weeks after the childbirth. Yet, you still have to follow the requirements before diving.

Scuba diving medical form is required to be performed, before doing the scuba diving. It is not other than to accomplish the safety and the health of the divers. In addition, you have to fill up the form accurately based on the instructions. Also, it requires you to be honest when you answer the medical form or examinations. Once your instructor knows that you put dishonesty, they will not allow you to dive and not even receive you as a diver. Meanwhile, it can harm your body and is dangerous for your health.