Special Olympics Medical Form

What do you know about Special Olympics medical form? Well, when an athlete wants to join an Olympics, then he has to ensure that his physical and mental condition is good. There are some institutions that provide the Olympics competition different kinds of Special Olympics athlete participation form, but the point is just the same. Let’s take a look at this kind of form a little bit.

Athlete Medical Form

In one of the Olympics websites, there is a revised form of Special Olympics medical form. And there are some requirements that athletes need to do related to the form. The revised form collects the information in 2 parts. They are:

  1. The health history

The health history is completed by athlete himself in the first 2 pages. If not, it can be completed by the guardian or the parent of the athlete before the exam. And why health history is important? There are 2 reasons why it’s important. The first is that it is used to have the medical information on the hand during the competition and training. In case, there is an emergency condition or medical emergency. And then, the second reason is that it’s used to ensure the physician is already informed of the health history of the athlete when he is performing an exam.

  1. After taking the exam

The Special Olympics physical exam form will be in the 3rd page and it’s completed by the health professional that has been licensed. And this Special Olympics medical form indicates that the athletes have already been cleared by the health professional for joining the Special Olympics sports.

Actually there is the 4th page. It is used when the athlete has some further information because of the concerning health issues before the clearance which could be determined. And there is referral form that can be downloaded as the 4th page.

Application for the Participation in Special Olympics Template

In the Special Olympics medical form, there are 4 important aspects. They are: demographics; health history which is completed by care giver, guardian, or parents; instability assessment for the athletes with syndrome; and physical examination.


There is some information such as program, the name, the address, the social security of the athlete followed by the name of the parents or the guardian. Gender, date of birth, phone number, emergency contact, and health accident insurance company, etc should also be included.

Health history

This part includes some illnesses which might be undergone by the athletes such as diabetes, heart disease, chest pain, allergies, blindness, joint or bone injury, asthma, tobacco use, etc. And there is the date of tetanus immunizations. It also mentions the medications that might be taken by the athletes.

Inability assessment for the down syndrome athletes

If the athlete has Down syndrome, then it’s required for him or her to have full radiological examination. If not, it can cause hypertension, direct pressure penthation, or radical flexion.

Physical examination

In this Special Olympics medical form part, there will be the result of physical examination such as the blood pressure, height, weight, vision, oral cavity, hearing, neck, cardiovascular system, genitourinary system, skin, respiratory system, etc.