TLC Medical Form

Are you a new driver? If yes, you must understand that you need a TLC medical form. What is it? It is a certificate or a form which verifies that you are in a good condition to drive a commercial transportation. The NYC (New York City) TLC was built in 1971. And the purpose of creating this kind of agency is insuring all of the New Yorkers as well as the visitors that they have an adequate and plentiful access to the taxi cabs, commuter vans, and car service.

It is known as the most active and vigorous T&LC in the U.S and it regulates about 13,675 medallions, 100,000 drivers, and 50,000 vehicles. The T&LC is in the responsibility of Licensing and also regulating the NYC’s medallion or yellow taxi cabs, commuter vans, For-Hire vehicles or community based liveries as well as black cars, luxury limousines and paratransit vehicles or ambulettes. And here is the TLC new driver application processes.

TLC Medical Form

TLC Medical Form

 TLC Medical Form Download


TLC Medical Form Renewal

TLC Medical Form Renewal

TLC Medical Form Renewal Download

Process of Getting TLC Medical Form

  1. TLC Appointment

If you’re already in middle of TLC Appointment processes, then you need to schedule the appointment. If you have already found the office where you can find the appointment and the schedule, visit it.

  1. Getting the TLC FHV License

You need to get the TLC medical form for having the licensing drivers. It is because to operate the NYC, you need TLC License. It’s clearly against the regulations of TLC that you pick up the passengers in NYC without the TLC License. Any kinds of partners that want to drive, especially Uber in New York, need TLC License.

  1. Getting TLC Plates

You need to license the vehicle with the TLC or the plates. If you have already had the TLC plates, your vehicle will be affiliated with the base. Then if you’ve the eligible vehicle, you need to come to office of TLC for the New Vehicle application.

  1. Getting a base transfer

You need to affiliate the vehicle you have with a base. If your vehicle has been already in the base affiliation with the black car base, you need to make sure that you have the valid diamond card. And if your vehicle doesn’t have, or it is affiliated with the livery base, you can come to the office for speaking with the representative.

  1. Getting a base letter for TLC license test

You need to get this base letter for adding the drivers to vehicle’s insurance policy. There will be a letter that authorizes the insurance company for adding the driver to the insurance policy. After that, you can go to the next step of making TLC medical form.

In the TLC medical form, there is a physician who is licensed who certifies that the driver’s name has been examined to the application for the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission Driver’s License. There will be the date when the driver takes the examination. And there is the opinion of the doctor whether the driver is medically fit or not to operate safely the TLC licensed vehicle. Then it is signed by the doctor with name, address, city, and state as well as the phone number.