USCIS Medical Form

USCIS is United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. It reckons on immigrants and nonimmigrant in the United States. To do such thing, they are required to do a medical assessment which is called USCIS medical form. It aims to assess their healthy that they are not inadmissible for the health grounds in the United States.

Unlike other medical forms, USCIS has its own medical examination. Any other medical examinations that are done by doctors who are not from USCIS are not going to be allowed by USCIS. They have been licensed and trained to be approved as doctors for immigration inquiry. The medical form result is only for the immigration purposes. It will be shared only when it is needed for the health authorities. The requirements are as follows.

  • Applicant of immigrant visa

They should perform all of the medical examinations

  • Applicant of K and V nonimmigrant visa

They should perform all medical examinations except the vaccination. They have to take the vaccination test if they are applying for immigrant visa

  • Refugee

They have to take all medical examinations except vaccination.

  • Applicant of refugee adjustment

They are not required to redo the medical examination as they already took it in their countries. However, they still should have the requirement of vaccination test.

  • Asylee

They do not have to perform the medical examinations.

  • Applicant of asylee adjustment

All the applicant of asylee adjustment should take all the medical examinations including the vaccination test.

Here are the medical assesment details:

You have to make an appointment at first. Next, after you get your turn, you have to bring the passport or your identity document. Applicants who are under 14 should bring any documents showing their identities. The USCIS medical form requires these elements.

  • Physical examination

Physical examination should be performed by all applicants. There will be health check up including blood pressure, ears, and other common part of bodies in general. The doctor will ask the applicants to check their genital organs. The doctor will also check the mental health.

  • Tuberculin skin test

All applicants whose age are 2 years old and more should take a tuberculin skin test (TST). The applicants who are younger than 2 years old are not necessary to have tuberculin skin test except they are presumed to have contacted with a TB case.

  • Blood test

Those who are 15 years old or more should take a blood test to make sure that they have HIV and syphilis or not. Meanwhile, the applicants who are under 15 years old, it is not necessary to do such test. However, if they are suspected to have HIV, they will also be required to do the blood test.

  • Vaccination

Particular applicants are required to do vaccination test.

USCIS medical form should be performed by all the applicants that have been mentioned above. They should take the medical form or medical examination based on their inquiry for applicants. The medical form for USCIS is done only by the special doctors that have been approved by the USCIS. Any other medical examinations are not accepted.